10 Benefits of Having a Bealls Charge card

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By now, you are keenly aware of the rise of the credit card game. In a world that is literally driven by consumerism, it is no longer about avoiding debt inside a debt-based economy, it is about managing debt. One of the ways that Americans are choosing to handle debt associated with basic purchases is thru the use of cards that offer several benefits at low-interest rates. While the major players in this are the big banks like Visa, American Express, Mastercard, and Discover, retailers have jumped around the ban wagon – offering their very own version of credit card enticement. One retailer that has joined scrum is Bealls – the following in a long line of retailers.

Before listing the top 10 benefits of acquiring a Bealls charge card, it important to disclaim that irresponsible use of any form of credit can lead to dire consequences. Charge cards should be used responsibly and whenever you can, you should pay your balance in full each month.

Here are 10 benefits of having a Bealls Credit Card.

1. The Payback Reward

As with most credit cards available on the market, users receive points for qualified purchases once they use their card. For each 100 points accumulated through qualified purchases, you'll receive $5 cash back credited to your card account. Any time that the card is used during a point of sale encounter or online, you will accumulate points that can be redeemed for money.

2. Double Points

There are options that will permit you to earn double points under certain circumstances. The key is to pay attention to the alerts which are sent out via text and email that identify when double-point promotions have been in play. Earning double points is a great way of doubling your cashback convenience of spending. There are some people who ultimately get their purchases at a rate of 50 percent from the retail value.

3. Christmas Reward

Everyone knows that the Holidays is one of the largest seasons for spending in the entire year, and Bealls wants to reward its loyal customers having a Christmas reward. As a Bealls cardholder, you are eligible for Christmas rewards that include bonus points for qualified purchases. These rewards can be redeemed in cash or accustomed to purchase other items. This is a fantastic way to treat yourself to something for Christmas.

4. Birthday Reward

One thing credit card companies are getting better at is using the birthday of their users as a way to promote and reward spending. Bealls isn't different – offering bday rewards. Preferred credit card holders will receive a minimal $10 credit on their birthday that may be applied toward purchases made with the card. Users who own a platinum Bealls card will receive a $20 credit.

5. Club 40 Reward

Once you turn 40-years-old it is amazing the things will use as a reason to celebrate. Bealls has decided to get in on the action as well. For those cardholders over the age of 40, there are additional benefits to take advantage of. For instance, every Tuesday the over 40 cardholders get to enjoy an additional 20 percent off of all qualified purchases.

6. Zero Annual Fee

If you haven't been zapped by the unannounced annual fee, consider yourself lucky. One of the ways that credit card companies nickel and dime cardholder is through the fee schedule and the most annoying of all is the annual fee, which basically comes down to being billed for nothing when you are loyal for another year. Fortunately, the Bealls credit card does not charge an annual fee.

7. 25-Day Interest-Free Period

The period of time you have to pay off your purchases before they accrue interest rates are very important. Those who use credit cards for his or her convenience always pay off their purchases before they accrue interest. Using the Bealls Credit card, you have up to 25 days to pay off purchases before they accrue interest, which is usually at the end of the billing cycle. To be safe, identify when the last day's your billing cycle is and pay before that date.

8. Backed By Visa

The bank that backs credit cards is immensely important. The larger the bank, the greater the benefits and the less restrictive the requirements to get the card. Visa has a long history of backing retail charge cards and offering some of the best loyalty benefits in the industry.

9. Gold Customer Status

If you spend a minimum of $500 per year at any retailer associated with Bealls, then you qualify for the Gold Card, which comes with increased points and benefits. The very best benefit for Gold members is always that you qualify for certain free online promotions.

10. Future Breakout Benefits Expected

The good news is that Bealls is still breaking out new and better benefits in order to remain as good as other retailers like Kohls. What this signifies for you is that there are even more benefits arriving the near future, so get ready to benefit from the benefits of your new Bealls card and don't forget to shop responsibly.

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