10 Benefits of Having a Torrid Credit Card

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When it comes to plus-size women's clothing, no other brand offers styles like Torrid does. The retail clients are one of the biggest global chains that focus on the plus-size niche, and it's succeeded since 2021. The industry has definitely experienced a boom in the last several years, and many women have found the styles within the company. If you're a devoted Torrid shopper, you're more than likely a Torrid charge card owner as well. If you aren't, then here are 10 benefits that should convince you to definitely go apply for a Torrid credit card before you go on your next shopping spree.

1. Fair credit

The credit card is offered by Comenity Bank and just requires fair credit for guaranteed approval. This is actually the perfect credit card for you should you just don't have enough credit history or maybe you're in the process of credit recovery. You will get approved within just minutes of your online application.

2. Welcome benefit

Torrid loves its customers and thrives in client satisfaction. One of the ways that the company gives back to its consumers is by simply giving back. Torrid will give you a $20 welcome benefit just by opening a store credit card. That's easily a brand new shirt or new bottoms or perhaps a handful of new accessories you basically get for free.

3. First purchase discount

In accessory for your welcome benefit, there is also a 25% discount on your first purchase. Which means that if you spend get $100 worth of items, you'll only be paying $75. Now imagine combining that discount with your $20 welcome benefit. Instead of paying $100, you'd only be paying $55. That's an incredible amount of discount that anyone would surely enjoy.

4. Shopping passes

With the Torrid charge card, you get even more discounts. Every year, each credit card holder can get two shopping passes in the form of 30% discounts. 30% is an incredible amount of savings, and it is something that you could strategically use as well. You can use it just before a new season starts for a fresh wardrobe, or you could even use it around the holiday season when you're ready for gift giving. Either way, it's an incredible way to save twice a year.

5. Other exclusive offers

Aside from the discounts that you'll already get, Torrid offers its charge card holders exclusive offers all year round. These offers are generally sent via email and come in the form of private sales events, extra discount on select items, discounts online, and much more.

6. Online access

One of the most important things when owning and managing charge cards is online access. Having one of these will allow you a tremendous amount of peace knowing that you can access your account any time. You should check balances and purchases and also post your payments online. By doing this, you'll never have to worry about late fees or more.

7. Rewards program

Apart from significant discounts, the Torrid charge card also gives you rewards for spending. You can earn 1 point for every dollar spent at Torrid. You're able to accumulate these points and once you get 200 points, you're eligible for a $10 reward.

8. Platinum status

You can have access to even more rewards by obtaining platinum status. You'll need to collect at least 1,000 points before you qualify for a platinum status, but when you do, you can get even more benefits, more discounts, and much more rewards.

9. Inactivity fee

You'll be glad to know that there are no inactivity fees associated with the Torrid credit card. After all, not everyone shops constantly. You will not be charged any fees because of not using this credit card, but there's possible that the company might close the card if you haven't used it for 2 years.

10. Overlimit fee

We realize that some of us get carried away sometimes while shopping, and it's even harder to prevent when you're shopping at Torrid. Fortunately, Torrid will never charge you a fee for going over your credit card limit. However, keep in mind that you're still responsible for paying your minimum fee plus whatever amount you spent over your limit, and you're responsible for paying all of that from your next due date.

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