10 Benefits of Having an Ebay Credit Card

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Whether you're an Ebay aficionado or otherwise, there are many reasons how you can benefit from having an Ebay card. Ebay continues to be one of the top e-commerce platforms you will find today, and there are plenty of things you can get from Ebay that you simply can't get anywhere else. The MasterCard itself has lots of features and benefits that you might find attractive enough to help you get to shop on Ebay-if you don't already do. If it's something that you've been contemplating, we've listed here 10 benefits that you'll enjoy if you have an Ebay Credit Card.

Statement credit

This is one thing that's been around for a while now. Since it first came out, the Ebay Mastercard charge card has always provided consumers with a $30 statement credit upon register. It might not be much for some people, but free money is free money any way your perception. You'll get this $30 as soon as you help make your first purchase.

Synchrony Bank

The bank that issues the Ebay Mastercard is Synchrony Bank. With this particular bank, you're guaranteed great rates, benefits, and security measures as well. This is the same bank that issues other retail credit cards such as the Gap, the Amazon charge card, and plenty of other credit cards from various labels.

Rewards part 1

You'll earn 3 points for each dollar you spend on restaurants and gas. This means that you can swipe your Mastercard by consuming out or whenever you get gas from standalone gasoline stations and get the maximum number of points towards your rewards. If you are the type who likes to travel or eat out a lot, this will be a huge benefit for you.

Rewards part 2

If you use Ebay regularly, you'll profit tremendously out of this next benefit. Every time you buy something on Ebay using your Mastercard, you receive 2 points for every dollar you spend. That can easily add up for the way often you use your card for purchases. If you're the type who likes to buy small things or make big purchases on Ebay, you'll relish this feature the most.

Rewards part 3

As far as rewards are worried, you'll also get rewarded with 1 point for each dollar you spend anywhere else. It doesn't matter where or when you swipe your card; you'll know that you're at least getting a point for every dollar. Cardholders can accumulate an annual point amount for 50k. It's an impressive number for a simple card.

Redeeming rewards

All those points can be redeemed in many different ways. You can use your points towards plane tickets, a hotel stay close by or far away, or even a car rental. You can also use your points towards vacation packages. The most popular is the ability you have to place in your points towards your PayPal credit, which is basically just as good as cash.

Financing promo

From day to day, the card will feature special financial promotions that will allow you to not deal with interest for any set number of months-usually 12 months or 1 . 5 years. This deferred interest financing could be attractive for many consumers, but don't forget that your card balance has to be paid in full before the promo period.

Foreign transaction fee

While you might not think that this is not a benefit, you should rethink your strategy again. Traveling in other countries can be expensive already. This foreign transaction fee could make you think twice before swiping your card excessively while you are traveling.

No annual fee

Besides all these rewards, you can also enjoy the benefit of not having to deal with any annual fees. This alone is a great feature, considering that many rewards cards available has at least a $35 annual fee. The Ebay Mastercard won't ever charge you anything apart from what you're spending.

Instant approval

Find out right away should you qualify for this card. You are able to apply for this card online and immediately see if you have the card or otherwise. Once you've been approved instantly, you can easily wait online to for your results. As long as you have a good credit score, your chances of getting the Ebay charge card are fairly high.

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