10 Benefits of Having an Ulta Credit Card

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Ulta is a chain of beauty stores with on-site salons. As a result, it sells a wide range of products that should prove interesting to both women and men, which include but are not limited to cosmetics, skincare products, and proper hair care products. Due to this, interested individuals might want to check out the Ulta credit card, which as its name suggests, is intended to be most useful for Ulta customers. Here are 10 benefits that can be had by becoming an Ulta charge card user:

1. Ease of Use

There are numerous payment methods that can be found out there. Each one have their own upsides and downsides, meaning that each one is better-suited to particular people under individual needs than the others. As a result, credit cards have their weaknesses, but there can be no doubt about the fact that they offer exceptional ease of use for making both online and offline purchases.

2. Peace of Mind

Speaking which, it is worth noting that charge cards tend to come with excellent security too, which is perhaps unsurprising taking into consideration the fears that people have about credit card scams. Suffice to say that this security can safeguard credit card users from a number of potential problems as well as limit the consequences should something happen in spite of those precautions.

3. Readily Available Funds

On top of this, credit cards offer readily available funds, which is something that can’t be had via non-revolving forms of credit. This means increased convenience because interested individuals can borrow money until they hit their borrowing limit for the purchases of their choice.

4. Better Credit Score

Smart charge card users will make their payments promptly and keep their balances low whenever possible, which can have a very positive impact on their credit score. Since the credit score is the single most popular way of gauging a person’s creditworthiness, this can mean better interest rates as well as more lenient borrowing conditions within the time still to come.

5. Two Choices

Ulta offers several credit cards. The two options are similar in certain regards, but it is important to note that certain is limited for use in Ulta stores while the other can be used wherever a Mastercard may be used. Due to this, interested individuals have more choice, that ought to increase their chances of making the one that is better-suited to their particular interests.

6. Save on First Purchase

Both Ulta credit cards offer interested individuals a unique discount of 20 percent on their own first purchase from Ulta Beauty. This encourages interested visitors to spend, but it isn’t necessarily bad because 20 percent can mean a good amount of savings should they plan out their purchase.

7. Potential Bonus Points

Speaking of which, the Ulta Ultimate Rewards Mastercard comes with a second introductory offer in the form of 500 reward points that can be collected by the credit card user so long as they spend $500 on purchases that have nothing to do with Ulta Beauty. This is often an excellent head start for people seeking to capitalize on the rewards program whenever possible.

8. Rewards Program

Given the above, it should come as no surprise to learn that the Ulta Ultimate Rewards Mastercard comes with a rewards program. However, it should be mentioned that the other Ulta charge card has one as well. In a nutshell, both credit cards award 2 points per $1 spent at Ulta Beauty. However, the Ulta Ultimate Rewards Mastercard awards an additional 1 point per $3 allocated to non-Ulta Beauty-related purchases.

9. No Annual Fee

Neither among the two Ulta credit cards have an annual fee. Primarily, this really is good because no annual fee means lower costs. However, it should be mentioned that this can change the incentives for spending while using credit cards as well, which can possess a surprisingly large impact on people’s charge card use patterns. In this case, no annual fee is nice because it means that people won’t be pushed to make more use of the credit card for the sake of making the fee worthwhile.

10. Can Be Used In-Store without Being Carried

Interestingly, it is possible to use an Ulta charge card for in-store purchases even if the charge card user hasn’t brought the credit card with them. Of course, they’ll be anticipated to provide ID as well as enter some good info to make sure that they are really who they are claiming to become before being able to complete the transaction.

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