A Playstation Credit Card Exists and Here's What it's

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Capital One offers a PlayStation charge card that can benefit serious gamers out there. While that is certainly not a qualification to acquire this credit card, it can benefit you greatly when it comes to the PlayStation store. Ought to be fact, the only qualification you may require this card is a good credit rating. Capital One will be the company running your credit score, so if you're in good standing with Capital One or if you've been able to obtain a Capital One charge card before, your chances of getting the PlayStation charge card is high.

The PlayStation credit card is actually a rewards card. A lot of the rewards that you get out of this card are influenced by gaming habits. First off, you get a reward right away with your first card purchase. You can get a $50 PlayStation store code, that can be used to buy a game or even movies and implies that you can watch through your PlayStation. Next, for every dollar you spend at the PlayStation store as well as on any PlayStation or Sony products, you will get 5 points. That can add up quite quickly considering that many PlayStation games are pricey to begin with. You can easily pay $40 for one game, which one purchase alone can rack you up 200 points easily.

One benefit that you will get with this credit card that we haven't really seen before is from your phone bill. You get 3 points for every $1 spent on your monthly phone bill. This really is quite unique to the PlayStation credit card, and we totally get it. Gamers are constantly on their phones to connect with other players everywhere, even globally, therefore it makes sense for PlayStation to have this reward. If you're paying $100 monthly on your cellphone bill (and that's actually minimal for typical cellphone begin using these days), you get an easy 300 points added monthly on your rewards credits.

All other purchases can get you 1 point per dollar spent. That's typical of most cards, but it's still just great that it's an option to begin with. You can get a statement credit of up to 50% back if you decide to get a 12-month PlayStation Plus Membership. The membership offers various benefits such as free games. However, you'd have to spend $3k on purchases within a year first to get the 50% back. Should you choose spend that much, just realize that you'll be getting $1.5k of it back. That's a hefty load of your purchases altogether. Lastly, you may also get 10% back as a statement credit again from various other PlayStation services such as PlayStation Vue, PlayStation Music, and PlayStation Now.

There are a few key features you should know about this card before trying to get it. It's not a balance transfer card, so you won't be able to transfer your balances from other cards. The current regular APR on offer ranges form 15.49% to 24.99% based on your credit-worthiness. The maximum late fee you can be charged with is $38. It's around the higher end of charges, but all you will need to do to avoid it is pay your bill on time. Capital One does not charge you for groing through your limit, but there's an opportunity that your purchase can be denied should you ever try to make a purchase. You can also use this card for cash advances. You will have a 3% fee with a minimum of $10, and the cash advance APR is the highest at 24.49%. The credit card has no foreign transaction fees, which is a great benefit for those who travel overseas often.

The credit card has average reviews for the most part; but being that it's a Capital One card, it cannot be all that bad. Capital One is known for offering some of the best cards around, and also the PlayStation card is just one of their brands. The only way you can make the most out of this card is if you use PlayStation a lot. PlayStation provides more than games, so you can actually use this card to purchase movies and other videos. Also, remember that you may still incur rewards if you use this card to create purchases outside of PlayStation.

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