Guide To Personal Finance Webinars You need to Attend During “Circuit Breaker”

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We've always enjoyed compiling our seasonal listing of personal finance events, mainly because we know the value of in-person interactions for your learning and self-development.

But during this “Circuit Breaker” period and social distancing for that forseeable future, event organisers have moved their seminars online, allowing attendees to still gain a lot of the benefits of in-person events from the comfort of their very own homes.

Here are our picks for upcoming free webinars that cover topics like CPF, investing, trading, insurance and personal finance. Be sure to save the dates!

#1 Planning Your Retirement With CPF

When: Anytime
Webinar Link: YouTube

In CPF Board's first ever online talk, this webinar covers the key topic of Planning For Your Retirement With CPF. Engineered for those who are turning 55, the session covers important rules CPF members have to be aware of so they can make informed decisions for themselves.

These include how much can you withdraw out of your CPF accounts, how CPF LIFE works, maximising your monthly CPF LIFE payouts, and things to consider for the continued use of CPF to service your monthly mortgages.

If you've any questions after watching the webinar, you are able to leave comment on CPF Board's Facebook post and the top frequently-asked questions will be answered having a follow-up post on 14 May 2021.

#2 Endowus Live: Financial Independence, Retire At the start of Singapore

When: 13 May 2021, 7pm
Webinar Link: Eventbrite

Has the Financial Independence, Retire Early (FIRE) movement burnt itself out, especially when devotees have their carefully-laid plans essentially derailed by the COVID-19 outbreak and ensuing economic meltdown?

Here to go over this topic with Endowus Personal Finance Lead Sheng Shi Chiam is FIRE-Path Lion, a Singapore-based blogger whose writings are aimed at helping people build a lifestyle that can be sustained with investment income – forever. Thus, letting them retire as early (or as late) what ever they want.

#3 Getting Started In Trading – How To Prime Yourself For Success & Understanding Pitfalls

When: 14 May 2021, 8pm
Webinar Link: Zoom

Organised by InvestingNote and IG, this webinar is perfect for those who want to understand much more about the world of trading, and whether it is suitable for them as an additional way to grow their income.

The session is conducted Terence Tan, who is IG Asia's Head of Education and Business Development along with a qualified Chartered Market Technician (CMT).

The session will introduce key tools and concepts like Technical Analysis, interpreting market data, trading pitfalls, and demonstrate how to execute trading strategies using Knock-Outs, a newly-introduced trading product.

#4 Ask MoneyOwl Anything: COVID-19 Personal Finance Edition

When: 14 May 2021, 7pm
Webinar Link: Eventbrite

Amid the COVID-19 crisis, you may have specific insurance, investing or CPF questions that you simply want answers from a trusted source. Well, if that's you, this ask-me-anything (AMA) session is exactly what you're looking for!

Join MoneyOwl's Financial Literacy Lead, Felicia Yeo, and Solutions Lead and Financial Literacy Trainer, Lena Teng because they answer questions from individuals like yourself on important topics like how you can better manage your cashflow during this period of uncertainty, deferring your insurance premium payments or mortgage instalments, and how to invest during this uncertain time.

You can post questions on the Facebook post or ask them 'live' during the session. The full video (as well as past sessions) will be posted on MoneyOwl's Facebook page too.

#5 StashAway Investing Basics

When: 14 May 2021, 7pm
Webinar Link: Eventbrite

Created for novices to investing, StashAway's Investing Basics webinar covers the broad strokes of investing, for example asset classes, risk-return, risk management, and fundamentals of portfolio construction.

After the workshop, you can start investing responsibly, and gain a better understanding of some of the commonly-encountered jargons in investing literature. The session is carried out by Amanda Ong, StashAway's Head of Client Experience & PR, who had stints in fund management and financial services prior to joining StashAway.

This seminar, as well as others conducted by StashAway Academy, can be used by Representatives of Financial Institutions to fulfil their annual Supplementary Continuing Professional Development (CPD) requirements, subject to their company's approval.

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