Inspired to change the marketing game – duo launches "disruptive model for that distributed economy"

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Two of the region’s most respected marketing figures have teamed up to launch what they describe as a reinvention of the marketing function for the new ‘distributed economy’.

Devised by Richard Johnson and David Coghlan, The Inspired Marketing Group aims to assist businesses get the high calibre marketing talent they need, when they need it, whilst helping marketing experts do more of the work they love, for famous labels across strategic marketing campaigns.

Johnson and Coghlan, who will be based in Sheffield and Nottingham respectively, been employed by in some of the UK’s biggest businesses, including FTSE 100 corporates, VC backed scale ups, and growth SMEs.

“We’ve run high performing marketing functions for nearly 20 years and have generated millions of pounds of sales for many of the UK’s biggest brands,” explains Johnson. “We know what works but crucially, as client-side marketers, we know what businesses actually need today and increasingly that isn't the current way of working.

“We lease or pay on subscription for most things, so why not marketing expertise? We are entering the age of the distributed economy and as a result the traditional working model is ripe for disruption, for the benefit of both businesses and also the experts that work with them. This is about offering businesses a bespoke and much more dynamic marketing function where roles flex exactly with business requirements.”

The Inspired Marketing Group works across the marketing mix, offering strategy and planning, branding, digital marketing, creative design, PR and customer communications. It will also provide coaching and mentoring to support and develop existing internally marketing teams with expert help, advice and guidance.

Coghlan adds that as the benefits to businesses are clear, the chance for talented marketers can also be significant:”‘We operate a quantity of businesses all built on our core model of helping clients access a bespoke and highly dynamic team of marketing talent, sourced from our panel of experts. You want to create a major alternative opportunity for the many marketing experts that finish up in an increasingly competitive job market right now.

“We’ve all been working in the new “distributed economy” for almost a year now and it has shown both businesses and individuals that there is another way to work. That work can fit around life, you don’t have to be chained to a desk 9am – 5pm and you definitely don’t need to be in an office. We created The Inspired Marketing Group because we believe that it’s possible to build a new way of working that actually works for us, we both have young families, while delivering exceptional recent results for our clients.

“Flexibility is the key phrase for every person and business at this time. We’re simply joining those dots. Helping clients get the results they want with access to the marketing talent they need, once they need it. And we’re helping marketing experts do exceptional work with amazing brands but that may still fit around their lives. It’s victory win for everyone.”

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