Is There Such Thing as a Google Credit Card?

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There are a lot of entities out there that issue credit cards even though they seem as though other product reason to be involved in that specific line of business. For proof, look no further than the sheer range of retailers that issue credit cards in collaboration with financial service providers, which can sometimes seem as though they encompass the full range of products that can be found out there. Regardless, it is interesting to note that Google seems to be one of the entities out there that issues credit cards even though that is not what would spring to mind for most people when they think of either Google or its parent corporation Alphabet.

With having said that, Google’s credit card isn’t what you might call a credit card intended for general use. Instead, it is one of those credit cards that can be used at the place that issued it and nowhere else, which makes it very useful under those circumstances but simultaneously, very limited in its usefulness. Still, considering what it's used for, there are still bound to be plenty of people who will have plenty of use for it.

What Does the Google Credit Card Seem like?

In short, the Google credit card is meant for people who make use of its AdWords service. Moreover, it's not something that is available to all of the AdWords users out there rather it is restricted to a small and thus select number of them. However, considering the rather exclusive nature from the Google credit card, it should come as no surprise to learn that it includes some rather nice features to make up for its shortfalls.

For example, the Google credit card has no annual fee, that is something that can be found on a wide range of credit cards but is nonetheless useful whenever and wherever it can be found. After all, when a charge card has an annual fee on it, the credit card user must make frequent utilization of it for the purpose of capitalizing on its benefits. Otherwise, they'll end up paying an annual fees for stuff that they don’t use, and therefore they will have wasted said opportunity. With that in mind, the lack of an annual fee is also particularly common on retailer-issued credit cards that can be used nowhere else, making sense because that makes sense since the annual fee can be a huge disincentive once they already come with such a serious limitation.

Moving on, the Google credit card came with what was announced to become an 8.99 percent APR this year, which wasn’t the introductory interest rate but rather the ongoing interest rate. Meanwhile, Google didn’t reveal much about either the minimum borrowing limit or the maximum credit limit that would come with its credit card, which what was said suggested that it would be generous though still variable with respect to the exact user. Otherwise, little information was revealed about the Google credit card, which makes sense due to its rather exclusive nature.

Further Considerations

As for why the Google credit card was even offered to begin with, the idea was to make it easier for small enterprises to make purchases on AdWords. In short, 2011 was a rough here we are at entities seeking financing, seeing as how the financial sector wasn’t exactly in the best shape. As a result, Google used a credit card as a way of offering what amounted to in-store financing, thus making it simpler for interested parties to continue making use of its services without putting itself at too much risk in the process. In other words, google's credit card was a simple and straightforward solution for any simple and straightforward problem, which explains much about why its features were so limited in scope.

With having said that, some people might be wondering whether we will ever see another Google charge card ever again. Theoretically, it is not impossible because Google sells a wide range of products and services that seems to be expanding regularly. However, interested parties should not be a lot of expectations upon it on this regard, seeing as how the last Google charge card came about because of what can be called exceptional circumstances.

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