SGX Academy: Here Are 4 Things Singapore Investors Have to know When Signing Up

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A key difference between an investor and someone who’s gambling within the stock market is that an investor makes decision according to sound analysis, proper risk management, an organised approach and with a clear goal in mind.

Towards this end, continual learning and development is really a key habit to build up if you want to be a successful investor in the long run. Reading investing-focused websites are one method to gain insights and knowledge. Another way would be to attend investing courses and gaining knowledge from accredited trainers.

If you want to get started, SGX Academy is as good a location to start as any. As one of the more prominent investing training providers in Singapore, SGX Academy comes with an extensive list of courses that cater to a wide range of individuals at different stages of their investing journey.

Here's what you should know about them before signing up to attend a course with SGX Academy.

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#1 SGX Academy Is An Accredited Training Provider

SGX Academy may be the investor education arm of the Singapore Exchange (SGX), which runs Singapore’s securities and derivatives markets, among many other services. Thus, we can expect SGX Academy to uphold exactly the same standards of professionalism of SGX, with a focus of promoting investor literacy and interest.

SGX Academy is also an accredited training provider that fulfils competency standards set by the Institute of Banking and Finance (IBF) across financial sector practitioners.

However, it is important to review course and trainer carefully, because so many of them are not SGX Academy staff, but they are vendors engaged by SGX Academy for particular programmes. SGX Academy does not necessarily endorse these individual trainers as well as their activities outside of SGX Academy.

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#2 Programmes For Every Learning Style And Pace

SGX Academy provides a wide range of courses that suits different levels and learning styles. There's a course for you whether you are a beginner, intermediate or professional investor.

There are 5 also different types of programmes available – – retail investors, trading representatives, active trader, Research Leaders Series (RLS), Research Talent Training Programme (RTTP).

SGX Academy also holds e-courses, e-training, partner events and seminars. E-trainings suit you if you prefer a more hands-on learning style at your own pace. Alternatively, partner events might be for you if you prefer something more than the classroom experience. Seminars best fit those who prefer anecdotal sharing by professional trainers themselves.

The variety and differing nature of these courses mean that you can learn in a style that best suits you.

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#3 Treasure Trove Of Learning Material And Market Data

Those keen on expanding their investment knowledge may also browse learning material in their own individual time on SGX Academy's website.

Infographics and online tutorials are readily available for you, free-of-charge. This is actually the best way to dip your toes into researching investing if you are not ready or able to commit, time-wise or financially. E-courses can also be accessed online if you prefer to understand in the comfort of your own home.

On surface of that, there's also an economic calendar that you should access if the curious economist in your soul wants to track weekly updates of key macroeconomic events, earnings releases and company actions in global and Singapore markets.

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#4 Features To Help You Keep Track On Your Learning Journey

SGX Academy also provides you with the option of bookmarking events and creating event reminders. This can help you to create a repository of events that catch your interest that you can eventually sign up for or keep an eye on.

Signing up to the SGX Academy is free of charge and just requires you to enter your email along with a unique password. When you do, you also gain access to their newsletter, so you’ll continually be notified of upcoming programmes.

The best part of SGX Academy is that aside from in-depth paid programmes, it also runs numerous free workshops and seminars regularly, that makes it suitable for beginner investors to kick-start their learning, before deciding which paid course they would like to explore next.

Begin Your Investor Education Journey Today

As mentioned at the start of this article, continual learning and development as an investor is crucial, whether you’re a retail investor or professional trader.

With SGX academy, you can start levelling up your investing knowledge right anytime, anywhere with e-courses . So that as you grow as an investor, SGX Academy will continue to be there to offer workshops and classes at an advanced level.

With their wide-range of regular programmes and simple sign-up process, it is no wonder that SGX Academy is a choice investing trainer to consider for many Singapore investors.

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